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7 Tips for Buying Premium Matcha


Sourced Direct From Japan

We source only the highest quality Japanese matcha teas directly from Japan.

I had the ceremonial matcha and loved it. It’s super refreshing and invigorating. It smells like wet leaf and fresh cut grass, has a super silky and creamy texture and tastes like avocado mousse and nuts and fresh earth.


I tried Matcha Project (the ceremonial blend) and was blown way! I went from occasionally matcha drinking while out (and being disappointed), to regularly making it at home. I am seriously impressed with this company (quality, service, everything) and HIGHLY recommend you try their matcha.


The matcha is delightful - I use just about 2 grams exactly each time I drink it - it is calming and energizing at the same time - and I'm very satisfied - thank you!


Journey to Matcha

Connecting the stars backwards, it is a pretty wild and unimaginable journey which led our founder, Chase, to start Matcha Project.

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