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3 Tips to Keep Matcha Fresh

Rule 1: Refrigerate, Refrigerate, Refrigerate

Ask any matcha expert and they will tell you the number 1 thing you can do to keep your matcha fresh is: put it in the refrigerator.

Heat is an enemy of matcha. Heat will cause matcha to break down and loose freshness, if you let it.

But, keeping matcha in the refrigerator will keep it cool and comfortable so that it can remain as fresh as possible.


Rule 2: Seal it up quickly!

Aside from heat, matcha's other enemy is air.

Leaving your matcha container open will allow air in and this is bad for freshness for two reasons:

1) Oxygen in air will cause it to loose freshness and 2) matcha will absorb any of the smells around it.

So that mystery smell in the refrigerator... matcha will absorb it if you let it. And this will definitely effect the matcha flavor.

Seal your matcha as soon as you are done with it.

Bonus: Buying matcha in a pouch allows you to squeeze excess air out before sealing it.


Rule 3: Enjoy Within 3 Months of Opening

Even by following rules 1 & 2, matcha will still slowly loose freshness as time passes.

That is why rule 3 is: enjoy your matcha within 3 months of opening. 

This will allow you to enjoy it as close to its peak freshness (day 1 of opening) as possible.

Will it be bad after 3 months? No, probably not. It will just have lost some of its flavor and aroma.

(FYI... Matcha unopened and refrigerated after purchase has a shelf life of approximately 1 year.)