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master's set
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Our Master's Set contains all of the essential tools required for you to make matcha traditionally.

A chasen.

A chashaku.

A tea sieve.

3 oz. of Master's Supreme Ceremonial Matcha.


The chasen. 

Fashioned from bamboo, with hand cut needlelike tines, this is a traditional Japanese tea whisk.

Imagine the incredibly creamy and rich bowls of matcha you can make with this chasen.

The chashaku.


Delicately carved from bamboo, ideal for adding matcha to your bowl - this is the traditional Japanese tea scoop.

One and a half to two scoops of vibrant green matcha powder makes the perfect bowl of matcha.


A tea sieve.

Stainless steel, fine mesh, sits right on top of the bowl, to break up any clumps of matcha powder.

This is your new best friend that specializes in helping you avoid clumpy matcha.

Bundle it with our Master's Supreme Blend for the complete experience!