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9 Matcha Tips

Tip #1: Sift your matcha for best results.

This will help you to break up any clumps. To read more, click here.

Tip #2: Keep your matcha in the refrigerator at all times.

If you put your matcha back in the refrigerator after you use it each and every time, will preserve the freshness and flavor of the matcha, while making it last a little longer.


Tip #3: Always seal your matcha when you are finished.

Matcha loses its freshness as it is exposed to air, by sealing it after use you end exposure to air. Also, if let open, matcha will absorb the smell of whatever it is around -- seal it to protect your matcha from refrigerator odors.

Tip #4: Matcha is best if enjoyed within 3 months after it is opened.

Naturally, matcha is the freshest immediately after you open it and as it is exposed to air it begins to slowly deteriorate. Its still going to be amazing at 1 month, but it won't be as fresh as on day 1! 


Tip #5: There is no wrong way to make matcha - you ought to be at your leisure, make it however you want.

Some people enjoy going slow and methodically preparing a traditional bowl of usucha (thin tea.) Others may prefer to stir it up in a tumbler with a milk frother. And others may prefer to shake it up in a water bottle with coconut water.

Shake it, stir it, blend it, whisk it, enjoy it!

Tip #6: Try all of the different ways that sound interesting to you!

We've witnessed countless different ways that matcha is incorporated into the menu in Japan. It is always so wonderful to find a new delcious matcha treat! We discovered this matcha beer at a shop in 

Tip #7: Matcha + (Non)Dairy Milk + Sweetener = a Perfect Matcha Latte

That is our formula for a successful matcha latte. Now some sweeteners are better than others, and some milks probably taste better than others. BUT, that is completely up to you. Click here to see how to make our favorite matcha latte.

Tip #8: The best form for whisking matcha...

Pick up the chasen tea whisk in your hand placing it between your pointer, index, and maybe your middle finder, plus your thumb. You want to keep your arm and elbow straight and only move your wrist. Bend at the wrist, and vigorously move the hand (holding the tea whisk) up and down as fast as possible. In Japan they teach you to move the tea whisk in an M or W shape in the bowl. Master this technique and your matchas will froth like this (or better!) Click here to learn more about the Traditional Japanese Preparation method, including to see a demonstration video.

Tip #9: Matcha offers a great boost before a workout.

And you only need a little. Pay close attention to this if you are really sensitive to caffeine. Your body will process it over 4-6 hours. 1/2 teaspoon of matcha = ~35 mg caffeine - coffee contains roughly 95 mg.