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7 Things We ❤️ About Matcha

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There are many reasons that we love matcha green tea. We came up with a list of 7 of our favorites!

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❤️ Matcha Lattes

Okay, so we absolutely LOVE matcha lattes!  They are creamy, smooth, and delicious.  And on top of that, they are super easy to make at home. Mix and match your favorite milks and sweeteners however you see fit - there are so many options! Our current favorite recipe uses oat milk, honey, and our Barista Blend matcha. The combination of flavors is out of this world delicious! We only have one question for you: what are you going to put in your matcha latte?!


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❤️ Matcha Helps Us Focus

Sometimes, it can be really difficult to focus. We are constantly being bombarded with distractions, and completing even the simplest of tasks can be really hard. Thankfully, matcha can help with this problem. You see, matcha contains a unique component called “l-theanine.” This component helps to calm the mind and it can help the brain to really focus. And this is one of the things we love most about matcha — the way it calms our brains and helps us focus! So the next time you are struggling to focus, try making yourself some matcha!


😍 What is your favorite matcha dessert?! Tell us know in the comments ⏬
the matcha roll cake is definitely one of ours!
sweet and savory at the same time!
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❤️ Matcha Desserts

If you are a matcha lover like we are, we are pretty confident that you will LOVE matcha desserts too! Matcha cookies, matcha cakes, matcha pudding, matcha cheesecake, matcha ice cream, matcha anything… the possibilities are endless! Now of course, some matcha desserts are certainly healthier than others — BUT, if the it includes matcha, you still get all of the health promoting antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that matcha has to offer. So treat yourself to a matcha dessert — you deserve it, right?!




❤️ Matcha On-The-Go

Have you ever been at work or traveling and gotten a matcha craving? We certainly have and you probably have too. Well, we have great news! Making matcha on-the go is SUPER SIMPLE. All you need is a water bottle, some water, and a resealable matcha pouch. You can throw them in your bag and when you get that urge, you can have your matcha. Just pour a little matcha in your pre-filled water bottle, shake it up, and enjoy! You are going to love the convenience of matcha on-the-go!


🎉 Today is hereby declared Matcha Friend Day! Tag a friend who you’d love to drink matcha with right now! ⏬🍵🍵☺️ #matchafriendday .
We may be physically isolated from our matcha friends right now. But, there is no reason we can’t Facetime, Messenger chat, Zoom chat, Skype, etc.
So call your matcha friends today, and tell then you love them. And maybe even have some virtual matcha together.
Matcha love to all of you! 💚

❤️ Many Ways to Make Matcha At Home

So we just talked about making matcha on-the-go using a water bottle.  While this method is great for being out and about — it can also be used at home.  But this is just one of the many ways that we love to make our matcha! Somedays, we prepare it in the traditional Japanese way, using a tea whisk (cha-sen) and a bowl (cha-wan).  Other days, we like to mix it up quickly with warm water in a mug using a stirring stick. Other days, we like to add it to warmed milk with a little honey.  And other days, we like add it to smoothies. There are so many ways to make matcha! What method do you prefer?




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❤️ Matcha Gives Us Sustained Energy

And finally, our favorite thing about matcha — the energy that it gives us!  Have you ever experienced an afternoon coffee crash or that jittery feeling that comes with too much caffeine? We certainly have — it used to be a regular occurrence.  Fortunately, we discovered matcha and that all changed.  You see the body processes matcha differently than it does coffee.  It processes the caffeine more slowly — so what ends up happening is you get a slow release of caffeine and a sustained energy level over a longer periods of time. Have you ever experienced this?


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❤️ Matcha is Healthy

There is a pretty good chance you have heard that matcha is good for you.  Well, there are many reasons for that. Matcha tea is packed full of vitamins, minerals, and powerful antioxidants that can help supercharge your immune system, ignite your metabolism, and help the body function properly. And not only is matcha known for aiding physical health, it also can help mental health — because it contains brain enhancing properties.  That all being said, we love matcha for all of the health benefits it provides us!