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Cooking with Matcha

We believe there is a lot of great cooking that can be done with matcha. While in Japan, we witnessed and saw matcha everything. It was incredible and inspiring.

Some of our early culinary revelations:

Matcha & Cream is heavenly. We made a Matcha Swiss Roll Cake and incorporated matcha into the cream. Delightful. But! we recommend using the nicest matcha you have for this. Because the cream is so light, the complex flavors of say our ceremonial blend, would come through still.

Matcha & White Chocolate is sinful. White chocolate and matcha anything is incredible. The flavors melt together perfectly in your mouth.

Click here for our Matcha & White Chocolate Chip Cookie RecipeΒ 

When making any matcha dish, don’t be excessive with the sugar. The first few recipes we encountered online were loaded with sugar. They were tasty of course, but it was almost a little overwhelming at times. Matcha treats can be made with less sugar. Don’t be afraid to let your dish actually taste like matcha.

You don’t want to bake with really nice matcha. The subtleties of a really nice matcha are lost in the baking process. It is better to use a culinary matcha β€” something robust & earthy β€” its flavors will stand up to the process a lot better.