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Our Mission In Action

More Than Just a Matcha Company

When I founded Matcha Project in early 2019, I had a few ideas in mind for what I wanted do and accomplish through this business. I drew on past experiences and concepts that I felt important for creating the foundation & purpose of my efforts.

This is what makes us more than just a matcha company.

This is our mission in action.

1) We want to support the Japanese tea trade in any way possible. This goes beyond matcha, but matcha is our starting place. Japanese tea plays a vital role in our daily lives, and we know other feel the same. This is why supporting Japanese tea trade is important to Matcha Project.

In 2018, I spent 6 months living in Japan. 3 months were spent living and working on a tea farm where I learned all about Japanese tea and the challenges of this shrinking industry. The next 3 months were spent traveling around Japan meeting tea farmers and learning about the challenges they face.

2) We want to support our communities. 2020 has made it more apparent than ever, community is everything to us. Community is what brings us all together and gives us energy. I have witnessed some really incredible social initiatives all across the world -- in each instance with aim to bring together and uplift or impact their community in some way. It is clear: we want to uplift and impact our communities.

In 2019, we were just getting started and our operation was barely covering our upstart expenses. Instead of money, our founder decided to donate his time. Over the period of 12 weeks, I spent 90 minutes each week teaching the concept of entrepreneurship to a class of 4th & 5th elementary students through the Austin, TX non-profit organization: Startup Kids Club. It was a very rewarding experience for which I am so grateful.



In December of 2020, we identified an important cause in our community that was desperate for resources: food insecurity. We were able to donate 100% of our December proceeds to the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

3) We want to support our matcha community. We think it's important to meet people wherever they are in their matcha journey. We understand that everyone walks a slightly different path. We want to be there as a resource, or a guide, or even simply to offer words of encouragement. In our mind "what is matcha?" is equally as profound as "what cultivars offer the most umami?"

In late 2018, I began sharing my matcha knowledge and ceremonial matcha with  family, friends, and a small community. It has expanded quickly over the past few years to reach a much larger audience, including you (thanks for reading!)

4) We want to do what we love. Waking up excited to get started on something each day is a feeling words just do not describe. This is a feeling for which we are deeply grateful.

Thinking about these things makes me smile -- suggesting we must be on the right track.

Anyway, YOU are a rockstar. Thanks for taking the time to be here reading this today. 

And thank you for supporting Matcha Project and everything we do!

Sincerely Yours,

 - Chase, Founder of Matcha Project


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