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morning barista matcha
morning barista matcha
morning barista matcha
morning barista matcha
morning barista matcha
morning barista matcha
morning barista matcha
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it drinks premium, but costs less.
we drink our master's supreme blend with our matcha lattes. but that can get a little expensive.
we have created a second line of matcha that is premium, but because it is not a ceremonial matcha, it is less expensive.
morning barista matcha + warm oat milk + a small gob of honey 
tastes soo so delicious.

a few reasons we love matcha

🚀 matcha is a clean energy source that keeps us going and feeling great all day long

🎢 there is no up-and-down roller coaster of energy, and there is no afternoon crash

🙃 there are no jitters

🌿 matcha is supercharged with antioxidants for immune support

🧠 matcha is loaded with l-theanine. caffeine + l-theanine = an energized calm & sharpened focus

🧘 and one of the coolest: monks use matcha to meditate longer


where does your matcha come from?

we source and import our matcha directly from our partners in Japan.


is this delicious matcha organic?

absolutely yes, this matcha is certified JAS organic.

what is JAS organic certification?

tea farmers in Japan must pass a very strict and rigorous set of rules to gain JAS organic certification. "no pesticides" is the most basic of these rules. not only must the farmer's field be organic, but so must the field of the farm next to the farmer's field, no fertilizer can be present or used. the Japanese don't mess around here. JAS organic certification can often take years to obtain.

okay, anything else we should know?

ummm... we refrigerate our matcha at all times. we encourage all of our friends to do the same. refrigeration keeps matcha fresher for longer.

how many days of matcha drinking can I get with 1 oz?

it depends on how much matcha you drink each day.

using a small 1-2 teaspoons of matcha daily would be enough to enjoy 2-4 weeks of your daily matcha. 

how can I make matcha at home?

there are many ways... the easiest: grab a water bottle, add water, add matcha, and shake. that is it. 

but we recommend picking up an electric stirrer on amazon. that is our preferred method: matcha + hot water or oat milk in a mug... press a button and stir it up! it's super simple.

where do you ship to?

we ship to the US & Canada. If you are outside of these regions, please contact us to see what can be done.

anything else?

we love you. thank you for your support.


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Michael B.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Wow, this is what Matcha should taste like!

We drink a lot of Matcha but we have never been too picky about what we bought. When we saw Matcha Project and heard the story we thought we would give it a shot. *head explodes* Not only is the flavor, texture, and color better but our energy lasted through the day and even though I wanted another cup badly I didn't need it. Is this the cheapest Matcha you can buy, no. Is it the best Matcha we have ever had, yes. Highly recommend!