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new 🍵 venture launch presell
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money-back, happiness guarantee

I am preselling 60 1-oz units of premium organic ceremonial matcha.

This presell is going to help me launch a new project.

More to come on that shortly. 🍵

You will be one of the honorary launch members that help us launch this new project.

Once the 60 units are completely sold out - I will have the matcha stone ground freshly in Japan.

I anticipate then having it to you by early February.

All shipments will come with a video from me. 

Plus, some additional content.

And I am going to find some way to honor all launch members.

I am grateful for your support of my journey in life! :)

Fun fact: it takes 1 hour for a granite stone mill to grind 1 oz of matcha. 🤯

-> Any questions email me, text, or call.

new to matcha? I recommend you watch this video here.
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